Heritage 1914

Looking back to the pioneering spirit of the early 20th century, the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1914 pays homage to the innovation and design legacy of one of Montblanc’s most important historical writing instruments, creating a contemporary reinterpretation. Inspired by an early Montblanc writing instrument with a formidable size and therefore the largest safety filler pen ever created at the time. This imposing writing instrument was a milestone in the company’s history because it was the first to use the Montblanc emblem, the snowcap that is now an icon also beyond the world of writing culture.Made of precious black lacquer, embellished with platinum plated fittings, the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1914 Limited Edition 1000 finds a sophisticated balance in its proportions of its generous shape. A nod to the vintage Montblanc emblem of that era, the triangle that formed the “A” of the Maison’s name is subtly referenced in the design of the writing instrument’s clip and the triangular heart hole at the centre of the nib.The Montblanc emblem that made its first appearance exactly 100 years ago and has come to symbolize the finest European craftsmanship, crowns the writing instrument in mother-of-pearl. Hidden inside the writing instrument, the two-step screw mechanism controls both the retractable nib movement and the piston-filling mechanism in an ingenious update to the revolutionary safety filler system pioneered by Montblanc in the early 20th century. With this technology new to Montblanc, the original retractable nib mechanism is enhanced with all the convenience of piston filling, by a simple twist of the cone.

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