Mont Blanc heritage rouge et noir 1906
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Historic inspiration, modern fascination

The Montblanc Heritage Collection captures the vision and pioneering spirit characteristic of Montblanc from its earliest history. The Collection celebrates a rich inheritance in historic design, an ongoing spirit of invention and a devotion to perfectly executed details – a philosophy that continues to shape Montblanc craftsmanship today. One of the first fountain pens created by Montblanc according to these principles provides the inspiration for the Rouge et Noir Limited Edition 1906.

110 years and still pioneering

When it was developed in 1906, the ‘Rouge et Noir’ fountain pen was considered an outstanding technical achievement, ensuring simple operation without the need for dipping the nib into an inkwell. Limited to 1,906 pieces, the Rouge et Noir Limited Edition 1906 celebrates the 110-year-old pioneering spirit of Montblanc. Reinterpreting the legendary writing instrument, it features a longer, slimmer silhouette, modern piston filler technology and craftsmanship refined over generations. The cap and barrel are made of traditional black hard rubber, the same material used for the first Montblanc fountain pens made in the early 20th century, and the cap top in coral and ivory resin is crowned by the Montblanc emblem. The pen is available also as roller ball limited to 1906 pieces too.

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