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Leo Tolstoy Mont Blanc

Writers Edition Leo Tolstoy
A Life of Simplicity Yasnaya Polyana, the family home where Tolstoy was born and where he resided with his wife and children is the inspiration for the Limited Edition Leo Tolstoy. In this idyllic rural setting, Tolstoy adhered to his teachings of finding happiness in the simple life led by peasants, a theme reflected in the simplicity of the overall shape and design of the writing instrument. The characteristic pillars at the entrance of the Yasnaya Polyana estate are echoed in the shape of the top of the cap, which is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in black and white resin. Tolstoy’s philosophy of working the land with his own hands is symbolized in the elaborately handcrafted, hammered and silver plated case of the barrel. The dark grey precious resin cap, blue marbled resin cone and platinum plated fittings mirror the colours found on the covers of his first major works as well as the colours of the modest study in which he wrote his most important works. The ornament on the cap ring is inspired by a traditional woven Russian pattern that would have adorned the modest peasant smocks Tolstoy made for himself. 

The great author’s signature is engraved on the cap while the family’s aristocratic coat-of-arms is featuring the rhodium-plated 750 solid gold nib of the fountain pen, a subtle design detail that highlights his provenance and the value he placed on family. The issue number engraved on the cap is proof of the uniqueness of every piece. The fountain pen version of this edition is limited to 9,000 pieces, and the ballpoint pen to 12,000. The rollerball is limited to 7,000 pieces and the set with fountain pen, ballpoint pen/rollerball and mechanical pencil is limited to 1,600 pieces. 


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Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, Roller pen


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