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Mondaine Helvetica


After about 30 years since the launch of the famous clock of the Swiss Railways SBB, Mondaine introduces a new collection of watches called HELVETICA, whose roots date back to 1957.

The new collection of watches is inspired HELVETICA, the best known character of writing that has ever been created. Originally known as Haas Grotesk, Helvetica was created in the Haas Type Foundry near Basel in 1957 by the Swiss artist and graphic Max Miedinger and business manager of Haas, Eduard Hoffmann. Their success was to design a character that was both “well-designed, sufficiently discreet and moderate, practical, soft and flowing with a harmonious shape and logically structured.”

Helvetica is the Latin word of the adverb “Switzerland”, it expresses many of the values ​​and qualities of the Republic Alpina: neutrality, discretion, efficiency and tradition.

Values ​​that reflect perfectly the brand Mondaine.

The character writing “Helvetica” does not draw attention to himself is in fact the perfect font to communicate an ‘information or write the name of a famous brand.

Helvetica is used in thousands of logos, writings, signs, T-shirts, clothes and much more … as to be the subject of documentaries and books. Helvetica is one of the most famous and important creations of Switzerland.

The Bernheim brothers, owners of Mondaine, have long sought a new style that was easily recognizable as the watches of Swiss railways SBB, now an icon in the world. The result was the discovery of Helvetica, a design that is the quintessence of the value of the soul and the Swiss.

Designer Martin Drechsel has been entrusted with the project to convey the essence of Helvetica in a clock. E ‘was born, as well, a rare masterpiece of design with little touches of style that soprendono at first sight. The position of the calendar, for example, is offset relative to the axis of the case to be

in line with the written quadrante.La collection Helvetica No.1 was made inspired by the number “1” font, which was

reproduced on the top and bottom of the case dell’orologio.Per follow the same characteristics of the Helvetica font, line No.1 is made of three different measures inspired by three thicknesses of Helvetica: Light, Regular and Bold (light, regular and bold) Measure Light declines in diameters 26mm and 38mm, the 33mm and 40mm diameters Regular and Bold has a diameter of 43mm. The measures and Regular Light are also available with satin gold plated case.


The price ranges from € 288.00 to 338.00 to the bold black for € 418.00

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Mondaine Helvetica


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