francoi-i-888_1429788036200820092010201120122012 solid gold201320142014 solid gold2015A. Von Humboldt 4810 year 20074810 year 1995 The Prince RegentPatron 4810 Sir H. tate year 2006Patron 4810 year 1992 Lorenzo de’ MediciMontblanc Peggy Guggenheim 4810 Limited Edition year 2016Patron 4810 Pope Julius II year 2005Patron 4810 year 2001 Madame de PompadourMontblanc-Patron-of-the-Art-Edition-2003-Copernicus-4810-Patron 4810 J.P. Morgan year 2004Patron 4810 Andrew Carnegie year 2002Patron 4810 Carl the Great Year 2000Patron 4810 Friedrich II the Great Year 1999Patron 4810 Alexander the Great Year 1998Patron 4810 Catherine the Great year 1997Patron 4810 Peter the Great year 1997Patron 4810 Semiramis Year 1996Patron 4810 Loius XIV year 1994Patron 4810 Octavian Year 1993Scipione Borghese limited 4810 year 2017

Mont Blanc Patron of Art Limited Editions

In connection with the annual “Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award”, which was established in 1992, Montblanc has issued a strictly Limited Edition fountain pen each year as a tribute to the most important patrons of art and culture in the past centuries, those whose personal commitment and achievements deserve wider recognition. Since 1992 these meticulously hand-crafted writing instruments have been made available in the spring of every year. They are limited to 4.810 pieces and in an even more precious Limited Edition of only 888 pieces. In the color photos section you will find a little list of the latest editions. We invite all our visitors to kindly ask for any further information or availability.

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