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Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare Special Edition

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With the Writers Edition, issued every year since 1992 in a strictly limited edition worldwide, Montblanc pays tribute to the greatest icons of literary history. The Writers Edition William Shakespeare is only available in a strictly limited edition worldwide – this is guaranteed by Montblanc, as it is for all of its Limited Editions. The issue number engraved on the cap is proof of the uniqueness of every piece. The fountain pen version of this edition will be limited to 8,700 pieces.This year occurs the 400th anniversary of the death of the famous playwright and poet.The collection is made in precious resin, black and white colours are inspired by the different flags of the theatre on the occasions of different genres (white – comedy, black -tragedy).The body of the writing instrument with its fine engraving represents a quill pen and the clip ring recalls the golden earring Shakespeare used to wear.The central gold plated ring is encircled with embossed symbols representing his seven most famous plays:a rose and dagger stand for Romeo and Juliet,a skull for Hamlet,two cgess pieces for King Lear,a crest for Henry V, a crown for Machbeth, a swirling cloud for The Tempest, and a laurel wreath in the form of a C for Julius Caesar..Inspired by the Globe theatre the cap is octagonal and finishes in a cap top shaped like the ringed roof. In the centre where the yard and stage are open to the sky,the deeply set white MontBlanc emblem crowns the edition.The engraving on the hancrafted AU 750 solid gold nib honours the Globe Theatre showing the multi-storey stage in the centre of this special universe. A limited bottle of ink has been made for this occasion too choosing a velvet red.


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Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, Roller pen


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