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Montegrappa Fortuna Mule

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The Montegrappa Copper Mule Fountain Pens were created after the vodka drink, the Moscow Mule. This cocktail is made from vodka, a spicy ginger beer and lime juice and served in a copper mug. This Montegrappa Fortuna fountain pen features a copper barrel with brushed stainless steel accents, creating an elegant yet modern look. ​The pen features a super smooth broad steel nib, and accepts cartridges or a converter (included). The copper will patina on the pen over time (unless polished – cloth included!), creating a unique look to you.
The first release of this Copper Mule pen will come with a matching copper mug for you to make your own “Montegrappa Mule”.
Because the pen is made from metal it is a heavy duty pen but balanced with more weight at the front of the pen for a more comfortable writing experience.


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Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, Roller pen


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