Pelikan M101 Red Turtle

€ 389.34 € 344.26

After the success of the models M101N brown tortoise and M101N Lizard, Pelikan presents the third version of this series: the M101N red turtle.

The model comes in a precious package “historic” containing a bottle of ink royal blue: a wanted gift for any lover of fine pens.

The stem is made of cellulose acetate in the characteristic Pelikan with a very particular process that generates different shades for each pen: the result is the creation of a unique masterpiece. The dark red parts are manufactured with high quality resin that keeps unchanged its luster over time.

You can choose the 14-carat gold nib in four sizes: EF, F, M and B.

The gift set will be available only in limited quantities, from September 2014.

Product Description

Pelikan M101 red turtle| M101 Red Turtle


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