Pelikan 200 Cafè-Crème

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A combination of colors dream, inspired by the world of coffee. If you appreciate the finer things in life, you will know also how to enjoy them, whether it be of delights from gustareo objects to use as a pen that writes smoothly and effortlessly glides on paper. The beautiful color was the inspiration to make this fountain pen, created for connoisseurs and for all those who appreciate the things that really matter in life. The fountain pen 200 Cafè-Créme is a Special Edition will only be available for a limited time. The stainless steel nib of the fountain pen M200-Café Créme and decorative elements are finished in gold. Both parts dark brown both the stem are made of cream-colored glossy resin of high quality. Nibs available in shades EF, F, M and B. It is availale also as ballpoint with tha classic Pelikan push button mechanism.


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Pelikan M200

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Ballpoint pen, fountain pen


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