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For its new pen Pineider has gone as far as to call on Vishnu, a god who, when he came down to earth to reinstate Dharma, unwittingly introduced us to the word Avatar, from the Sanskrit for “appearance” or “descent”.
Avatar today is an extremely popular representation with young people, who use it all the time in the social media and social forums. It has become their virtual alter ego.
Young people are precisely the market for whom Pineider has designed this affordable pen, whose rounded form and vibrant colours communicate the dynamic vitality of youth.
We hope that our Avatar pen will become their true alter ego, an inseparable lifestyle companion, in much the same as their Avatar is their alter ego in the world of virtual reality.
The Avatar collection, made in purest resin in four vibrant colours, comprises four different writing implements: a fountain pen, a rollerball pen, a ball-point pen and a propelling pencil.
Once again the clip is our interpretation of a goose quill, with a sophisticated compensation mechanism and a range that allows you to use it on any kind of material and thickness.
The collection’s ring is inspired by the skyline of Florence, because while it is true that the pen is designed to become the alter ego of our younger enthusiasts and customers, Pineider with its history dating back 240 years can be considered the city’s own avatar thanks to the love and affection that all true Florentines bear for the firm’s illustrious name.
Technical specifications:
Collection: Fountain pen, Rollerball, Ball-point, Pencil
Material: stone-effect resin, colors : saffron yellow, pacific blue, lipstick red, coal grey
Nib: oversize nib in M – F rhodium-plated steel
Closure: Magnetic
Ring: engraved with the skyline of Florence
Clip: activated quill in marine steel
Filling mechanism: converter / cartridge
Packaging: Pineider escritoire with matching paper and pen


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