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Dupont Linea 2 Atelier 2014

The Chinese lacquer is a very precious material. It’s vegetal, and comes from the lymph of some special trees in Far East – in extremely limited quantity (10/15 gr /year). The limph, imported in France in Dupont’s laboratories, is treated in several very secret operations that reinforce or modify its colour.
The Dupont vegetal lacquers’ light, their brilliance and perfection make these luxury objects precious and inimitable.The most majestic S.T.Dupont lighter: it combines perfect aesthetics – which respects the golden proportion – with sounding preciousness: the mythical “Cling” crystal clear and peerless, makes this lighter universally recognized.The roller is engraved for optimal grip. Both buttons for flame adjustment and refill are ergonomically conceived.The S.T.Dupont brand is engraved on the bottom or in front depending from model. This new special edition has been made in 4 wonderfu chinese lacque colors: red, blu, brown and dark brown with gold finish.

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