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Meisterstück Calligraphy 149 Flexible nib special edition


The dream of every pen enthusiast, The fountain pen, the most fascinating nib ever, in a word: Mont Blanc Meisterstück 149.
Today, if ever you needed, a new reason is added to desire it. An even more extraordinary nib that allows you to express your creativity. The flexible nib tells a different story, yours, personal and unique.
Smooth and soft thanks to the 18kt gold alloy, it offers an exceptional calligraphic experience that will guarantee a style full of character. A few simple rules to follow and your stroke will change leaving an indelible mark on the sheet. Your handwriting has the potential for great expressive beauty.
In an age where the frenetic rhythm of our life deprives us of emotions the fountain pen offers us a brief, but intense immersion in our deepest self.
Let yourself be tempted….


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