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Pelikan M120 special edition


A new issue from Pelikan, the modern refresh of an historic model of the 50’s.Like the original, the barrel of the M120 appears to be green with a green ink window.  The section, piston knob, and cap are done in black and the furniture is gold-plated.  There is a single cap band and the clip is the traditional pelican’s beak.  There are no trim rings adorning this model owing to the original target of the lower end school pen market.  The cap top notably now sports the single chick logo in place since 2003.  The nib historically was gold-plated stainless steel which also looks to have been continued with the replica, all-be-it with the modern feed rather than the original ebonite feed with longitudinal fins.  Interestingly, the new M120 appears to have a unique engraving on the nib that will allow it to stand out from the original.  The engraving is purported to have been inspired by a bit of flourish taken from a historic Günther Wagner price list. It is a special edition with piston filling system and a gold plated stainless steel nibin 4 widths: EF, F,M and B. The pen comes in a vintage box with a blu royal 4001 bottle of ink. Pen is scheduled to be available for the end of March! Reservations opened.


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