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Napkin 4ever


Since precise line as a pencil, elegant design and exclusive FOREVER First is the tool that writes without ink, nor ricariche.Nel 2012 gets a special mention alGrandesign Ethics Award, dedicated to design and innovation and who does ethical values ​​of its main activities. Toe Ethergraf® The Italian genius expresses itself surprising others. So was Leonardo da Vinci who used to draw its projects with a stylus tip from pure silver, the indelible mark. FOREVER is the modern heir of this ancient method of artistic writing and for this is, in every respect, a product made in Italy. By turning to the colors, the processing of materials are made by hand by master Italian artisans, to ensure that quality and attention to detail that in Italy, make arts and crafts, one. Single body in anodized aluminum

Length 18cm

1cm diameter

Weight 39gr

Available in 7 colors: Natural aluminum, aviation Blue, Titanium Grey, Black, Red, Lime Yellow, Blue Electric.

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Napkin 4ever


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