Blossom 849 Set Ballpoint Pen + Mechanical Pencil


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Blossom 849 Set Ballpoint Pen + Mechanical Pencil

Caran d’Ache unveils Blossom, a new set comprising an 849 ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil dressed in the softest spring colours. A tender, sensual gradation of pink. A hue as poetic as a bouquet of eglantines, reminiscent of walks under a sweet dawn and cherry blossoms.
From soft pink to dark pink, the two icons draw their finesse from a romantic, Bohemian atmosphere. The ideal gift for a loved one.
These two writing instruments complement each other in their daily use: the ballpoint pen, with its Goliath ink refill, offers robustness and durability. The mechanical pencil is the ideal partner for writing in graphite. It offers you good handling and the possibility of erasing when creating precise, technical drawings.


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