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Inspired by the history and the majestic scenery of the river that runs alongside the production site of the famous Montegrappa pen factory, Brenta takes us back to the golden age of writing. Some intrinsic qualities characterize the place of each company in the culture of writing, but none are as important as the thirst for curiosity of the Venetian house, a spirit that flows like the waters of the Brenta: silent witness of Montegrappa craftsmanship for 110 years. With its profile cut and polished like a precious stone, according to the best tradition of the artisan industry, Brenta draws on the beauty of nature. Soft and wavy textures offer a tactile energy that flows through each word. The sophisticated briolette cut gives the writing a jewel-like quality. Seductive and soft facets extend from one end to the other, reproducing a decorative effect perfected for the first time in Montegrappa, almost a century ago. The characteristic molded clip with the famous “tumbling” are handcrafted elements that have emphasized the class of many of Montegrappa’s most acclaimed models over time.
Montegrappa Vintage Class writing instruments use the most modern processing technologies to accurately recreate the decorations and quality of the models of the past. Cartridge / converter filling system and equipped with a #6 steel nib with filigree decoration available in different writing widths.
Length 149mm
Diameter 17mm
Fountain pen Weight 30g
Roller weight 35g
Available from September 2022

 425.00 450.00

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