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Dante Alighieri limited edition

Visconti Dante Alighieri limited edition
In commemoration of the 700th anniversary of the death of Florence’s greatest literary genius, we chose to celebrate the masterful poet with the limited edition collection “Dante Alighieri”.Dante Alighieri, poet, politician, scholar of philosophy and theology, was born in Florence in 1265 and came of age when the city was experiencing a period of wealth and change. Dante’s life was dedicated to the pursuit of art and culture. His true inspiration was always love and the power of his feelings directed to his muse, Beatrice. His sublime verses, written in the vernacular, Italy’s ‘first true language’, led to the universal literary masterpiece that is the Divine Comedy.For Dante, the Divine Comedy represents a path of redemption motivated not only by the events of his private life, but also by the political situation of the time and the corruption of the Catholic Church. The impetus for his journey is love, which, according to the Dolce Stil Novo literary movement equates to the journey towards elevation and self-improvement. The new Dante Alighieri collection is inspired by the different types of love that the poet encounters as he travels through hell, purgatory and paradise.The Dante Alighieri fountain pen features an 18kt gold nib and is embellished with engravings made with the meticulous scrimshaw technique.For the creation of this limited edition, the pen’s body and cap are made in pearlescent acrylic engraved with the scrimshaw technique. The metal fittings, in silver with an aged silver treatment, are shaped with a casting technique.The entire body of the pen represents different scenes from the Divine Comedy. Starting from the bottom, hell is depicted with a quotation from Canto V and an illustration freely inspired by a Gustave Doré painting. The protagonists are Paolo and Francesca and their love for one another. In the centre, a typical representation of purgatory, made with a silver microfusion, shows the fortunate damned spiralling up to heaven. The cap is entirely dedicated to Paradise, with a quotation from the XXI Canto and an illustration of Beatrice and Dante, also inspired by a Doré table.The bespoke box, with its brass structure formed by two statues, an angel and a demon holding the pen, is a true display piece. The mahogany base contains a glass ink bottle and a booklet dedicated to the collection. A limited edition of only 321 pieces worlwide.


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