Divina Elegance bordeaux

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Divina Elegance bordeaux

This writing instrument elevates and subtly mutates the classical aesthetics of fountain pens. The Divina Elegance collection is inspired by three fundamental elements: the golden ratio, the nautilus and the pentagram.Visconti has chosen a very shiny acrylic resin to make the Divina Elegance. This material lends itself well to interesting effects such as pearlescent highlights. The anti-tarnish silver alloy preserves the metal parts of the pen from oxidation.Every pen has 10 silver inlays. By the end of the process, should but one be defective, hours of work are lost since the pen is no longer salvageable. The creation of the Divina Elegance fountain pen is a time consuming process that requires a lot of experience and skill.
Our master artisans start by creating the resin body of the pen with computer numerical control machines. Grooves are added with a special tool which are then manually filled with silver inlays. After a 48 hour exsiccation process, the writing instrument is checked once more my the CNC machine and polished.
This unique collection has been already appreciated worldwide in other splendid colors such as brown and green. This new version offers an outstanding burgundy shade that is added to the already existing two standard; blue and black. Filling system is the Pull & turn piston and the fountain pen is fitted of the new in house made 18kt solid gold nib!!!

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