Edelstein Moonstone Ink of the year 2020


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Edelstein Moonstone Ink of the year 2020

The new shade of Edelstein® Ink of the year 2020
Moonstone follows its name giver, the gem stone in
The gem stone moonstone also shares its name with the color as it relates to the moon and its silver ray of moonlight. The slight grey Edelstein ink gives all that is written a truly noble appearance. Soothing and mysterious are also descriptions sometimes related to the gem stone Moonstone,characteristics which can also describe this new writing color.
To further accentuate and highlight this new ink each Edelstein bottle has a silver matt cap. And so this new ink offers a special connection to the gem stone and planet moon, a perfect marriage for a truly distinctive look.The Edelstein® Ink of the year will be available as of
March 2020.


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