Etruria Corsani limited edition

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Solid gold nib, Steel nib, Titanium nib

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Broad, Extrafine, Fine, Italic, Medium, Stub 1.1, Tflex, Ultrafine, Vflex


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Gold Plated, Palladium

2 reviews for Etruria Corsani limited edition

  1. rainereichler (verified owner)

    It´s been the third time buying a pen from “Corsani” and it won´t be the last!! That guy is a good one and he live´s his pens! Thank you for the very good service you give and the amazing shipment! The “Stipula Etruria Corsani” is as good as the former ones. Got the green grey one and it looks so nice. Equipped with the V-Flex nib the pen writes so good, you realy won´t miss the goldnib! The Ebonite is looking so cool and finishing is so well made! It´s pleasure to write with…

  2. inigo.vanbeurden (verified owner)

    This is an amazing and marvelous pen indeed!
    I have bought a lot of pens from Stefano, and many more expensive ones too, but nonetheless this is one of my favorites.
    I got the sand one and it certainly is elegant and a delight to hold in the hand. But what makes it unique is its nib.
    As I have a rather small handwriting I chose the Superfine one and there is a flex to it that I never encountered in any other “flex” nib. When seeing this pen it always makes me wishing to grab it and start writing something, no matter what.
    I suppose that is the highest praise you can give a pen 🙂

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Etruria Corsani limited edition

(2 customer reviews)

Etruria Corsani Limited edition

And finally, our new born pen!
In partnership with Stipula, so rigorously made in Florence, we are proud to announce our new collection of fountain pens.
The philosophy that has inspired us, is the same we've been following since our first edition. We strongly believe the pen to be a writing instrument. It could be precious, it has to be good looking, well made but it must not lose its basic function. Our fountain pens are hand made in the best Italian craftsmen tradition with the utmost care to details, quality,beauty and best writing performance.
This new one takes its appereance from the most loved model of the Florentine company: the Etruria, a classic Ogiva style,sinuosly elegant. We have opted for the original size of the 90s that we consider more comfortable for a daily use and we have enhanced it by the use of the historic ebonite resin.
Ebonite applications begins from the 19th century.
Ebonite is a brand name for very hard rubber first obtained by vulcanizing natural rubber for prolonged periods.It has been the first material to be used for producing fountain pens due to its resistance to corrosion. Its name comes from being used as a replacement of the ebony wood for many purposes.
The collection is available in three colors, two follow the ebonite tradition (red and blu) and the last is more unique and fascinating, from my personal point of view. It is a nice sand color with shades shifting from green to grey.
The technical and most distinctive feature is no doubt the ink window. The pen is piston filling with a huge capacity and works differently from the common ones. You have to turn the bottom cone clockwise to empty the body.
The heart of every fountain pen is the nib and I must give credit to Stipula which, in the last years has implemented an home made production of solid gold nibs. They have a unique flexibility(they are dubbed Stiflex) and a remarkable range of sizes.
The collection is available in three nib versions:
Stiflex 14kt solid gold (Ultrafine, Extrafine, fine, medium, broad, Italic 0.9 and 1.1)
Tflex titanium
Stainless steel (fine, medium, Italic 1.1 and Vflex)
Regarding the colors we offer 4 options: the red, available both with gold and palladium trims, blue and sand associated to the palladium finishings.
Light and well balanced we hope it will be a reliable daily writing companion able to gratify all the senses!
Limited to only 90 numbered pieces per color.
The first batch we are going to receive will include the first 20 pieces for each version.
We are waiting to receive your comments and we will happily answer all your questions!

Stilograph Corsani since 1924
Stefano Senatore

 250.00 480.00

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