Feel Fiorita and Viola

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Feel Fiorita and Viola

For several weeks between May and July of each year, the chromatic monotony of the
countryside near the “Sibillini mountains”, in Central Italy between Marche and Umbria,
is broken by an incredible mosaic of colors, capable of filling the eyes and the heart.
The highland in fact changes face and turns into a riot of colorful shades, thanks to the
spectacle of nature called “La Fiorita” of Castelluccio di Norcia.
FEEL Fiorita is therefore a fusion of sober and biting colors, where the chiaroscuro of the green of the
meadows meets the chiaroscuro of the purple of the flowers.
FEEL Viola is an explosion of mother-of-pearl violet, with its darker shades that emphasise the lighter ones.
With only 219 handcrafted pieces for each color, Fiorita and Viola areboth enriched by platinum trim.
The nib is again the main player of this writing instrument collection, available in 18-carat gold with Extra Fine,Fine, Medium,Broad, triple Broadand 1,4 mm. Stub writing.
SCRIBO cornerstone is the14-carat gold Flexible nib, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Mediumand Broad.
Product features:
– Dodecagonal shape
– Color: colorful green and purple “Fiorita” and mother-of-pearl purple “Viola”
– Cap, barrel, knob and nib-holder handmade in natural resin
– Clip and metal components with platinum trim
– Length: 148 mm. – maximum diameter: 17 mm.
– Exclusive SCRIBO nib made in 18 carat gold or in Flexible 14 carat gold
Available sizes for 18 carat nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, BBB and 1,4 mm Stub
Available sizes for 14 carat Flex nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
– Ebonite feeder ø 6,50 with 2 capillaries
– Loading capacity: 1,42 ml
– Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton
– Limited production of 219 pieces per color
Due to the great variety of nib sizes and the short number of pens we kindly invite our dear customers to contact us before placing an order.
Collection to be available not before the end of February 2021

 710.00 830.00

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