Fixpencil Alfredo Häberli Limited Edition

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Fixpencil Alfredo Häberli Limited Edition

Alfredo Häberli, the Swiss-Argentine designer internationally renowned for his projects and collaborations with prestigious designer brands, takes a fresh look at the Fixpencil® by Caran d’Ache. An emblematic mechanical pencil he has collected since childhood and which has accompanied his creative work from the very outset. The artist offers a new vision, in two-tone plum or ochre, of this instrument which is ideal for preliminary sketches and spontaneous ideas – the essential companion of the most demanding architects, engineers, designers, illustrators. Through his artistic vision and passion for colour, Alfredo Häberli feels a special bond with Caran d’Ache. An avid user of the Fixpencil® since childhood, he sees it as the natural extension of his creativity. The artist embodies the very notion of excellence in his field, both through his works and his numerous design projects. For his two creations in collaboration with Caran d’Ache, Alfredo Häberli has opted for colours that are close to his heart. Drawn from everyday observations and inspired by the worlds of art and fashion, one is traditional and the other more complex. The Caran d’Ache + Alfredo Häberli Fixpencil® thus comes dressed in plum-violet or ochre-brick aluminium. At the designer’s request, certain elements of the pencil have been taken from previous models. The body of the Fixpencil® boasts a grooved texture used in the past and offering perfect handling, day in day out. The button with integrated sharpener also returns to its original metal.
But the creativity of this partnership does not stop there. In addition to the traditional 2-mm graphite lead, the designer has dreamed up a combination of four Prismalo water-soluble colour leads for this limited edition.
Prussian blue, periwinkle blue, emerald green and ochre – all specially selected to create an attractive yet technically proficient assortment. Reflecting the value of sustainability dear to Caran d’Ache, the box turns into a case, ensuring no waste.



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