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Kaweco Original black chrome 060

A completely new series of pens, but absolutely in full Kaweco spirit:
The new Kaweco Original impresses with its elegant lines and distinctive design. Especially the matte surface creates a great exclusivity.
The purist design of the writing instruments finds a wonderful harmony with the aluminum of the
body and chrome plated finishes are elements made with a scratch resistant anodizing.
Five different nib sizes are available, from extra fine to extra wide. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small strokes of beautiful handwriting, the extra wide nib (BB) is often used for large and dramatic signatures. For beginners we recommend the medium nib size (M). All nibs are made in Germany.
The 060 version houses the classic 060 nib of the Sport series and is slightly thinner than the 250.
While the basic shape was based on writing instruments from the late 1950s, the octagonal section breathes the typical DNA of the original Kaweco product. Especially the grip section does the writing
instrument clearly recognizable as it is convex compared to other Kaweco series.
Due to the optimal barrel length, there is enough space for a large Kaweco standard converter. Thanks to a thread in the power supply, the converter can be screwed into the front.
So, in addition to Kaweco ink cartridges, you can refill from bottled ink. The Kaweco Original is perfectly balanced for extended writing without a cap. The Original can be securely attached to the writing pad or shirt pocket using the permanently mounted back clip.
Thanks to the screw mechanism, the nib can be replaced with all 060 nib variants.


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