KOP Tamenuri Aodame

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KOP Tamenuri Aodame

Following the success of the previous KOP Tamenuri, KOP Tamenuri ‘Midoridame’and KOP Tamenuri ‘Shirodame’ Fountain Pens Sailor is pleased to announce the next KOP Tamenuri ‘Aodame’ Limited Edition Fountain Pen.
Each piece has been individually produced, signed and numbered by the artist Koushu Nishihara using the ancient traditional lacquering technique known as “Tamenuri” which uses the ancient Suki-Urushi lacquering technique by the artist Koushu Nishihara, who created and signed every single piece. The deep patina obtained through the application of lacquer to the ebonite body, beautifully handmade, matures and lightens in color over time, thus making each piece unique.
The pen comes packaged in a high quality presentation gift box. The Tamenuri ‘Aodame’ is a limited edition of 88 pieces worldwide.
We are sure you will be as excited with this beautiful fountain pen as we are. We look forward to receiving your reservation for this beautiful pen soon!


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