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The historic Florentine brand Pineider is launching on the writing instruments market a new collection that aims to hit the hearts of every fountain pen enthusiast. There are a few innovations on the fountain pen: first of all I would concetrate the attention on the new nib unit made of 14kt solid gold rhodium plated. It immediately catches the eye for its unique cuts on the sides of the nib that provide an amazing flexibility and smoothness.It is available in many sizes from EF to Stub. Then there is the powerful magnetic closure of the cap that works perfectly even when placing the cap on the body.
I would like to give credit to the choice of colors for the splendid resins used: deep and vivacious colors that enhance the classical shape of the pen where the iconic clip in the shape of a quill is a constant reminder of the ancient art of calligraphy that is now attracting so many people around the world.
The fountain pen has a cartridge converter system and comes in a fascinating box made in the ahape of a writing desk containing a little paper set.
A glorious Italian production that reaches its excellence!
The Great Beauty
Gemstone collection
Beauty is an aesthetic canon capable of rendering a product eternal.
“La Grande Bellezza” pen exploits over thirty years of experience in a balance of form and proportions, that make it practically perfect, classic, never excessive.
The 2018 collection was inspired from the gemstones and the colors we have created recall very realistically the semiprecious stones that in the past have been imitated using celluloid material.
The Material :
Celluoid has been substituted with a new material , resin based , but with an high percentage of marble dust.
The marble dust was added for three reasons :
Make a harder compound to increase the shining of each colors with an high gloss polish.
Increase the specific weight of the material to make it more consistent.
Spread the colors range being the marble easily colored from the primers of the resin.
The result is incredible:
The black color is so deep that any other pen looks like just dark.
Lapislazzuli or Ematite can be mistaken for the real stones, just like all colors of the entire collection.
The quill nib :
A brand new nib was developed in 2017 and after long test is now ready for the release.
Following the world trend for flexible nibs, The quill nib can be defined as iperflex with an excellent memory.
The project was made to create a nib for daily writing and not for calligraphy whose performance are quite different.
The purpose of the new nib is clear: just writing pleasure for everybody, also for beginners, but do not forget that the nib is the extension of the hand and do not need any pressure to write.
The box is an extremely elegant Pineider escritoire, that includes a ream of Pineider’s world renowned cards and envelopes.
The collection includes a fountain pen, a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and a pencil in xx colors
Twist magnetic lock
Pineider Invention Patent
Pineider has patented a new pen locking system in its top-of-the-range models, combining the traditional appeal of the screw top with the immediacy and safety of magnetic closure.
Everyone at one time or another has had a badly closed pen slip in their pocket and stain a costly suit. The trouble with traditional closure is that it gives no indication of whether the pen is properly closed or not, so it’s only too easy in a moment of absent-mindedness to replace a pen whose cap has not been tightened as far as it will go.
In Pineider’s patented system, however, the polarization of the magnets permits soft opening and even more satisfying closure, allowing you to open the pen gently or else to watch it roll between your fingers until you hear the closing click.
The Clip: a goose quill
Since the fall of the Roman Empire the Goose Quill was the main writing instrument. The civilization of the modern World was written with the Goose Quill, from Magna Charta to the American Declaration of Independence. The Gigas Codex, the greatest book of the Middle Ages, which required 30 years of flawless work, was called “The Bible of the Devil” because of the hard work needed to complete. Esoteric sources associate the Quill with hope, balance and good luck.
The Goose Quill, chosen by Pineider as its distinctive trademark, is interpreted freely as a function of each pen destined to receive it, fulfilling the fundamental function of holding the pen and allowing it to make a beautiful showing of itself. The Pineider Quill will so become classic, young, technological, futuristic, always respectful of the principles of “Human Design”.
A bouquet of Quills will express all the creativity of the Pineider Brand, always fitted with an impeccable mechanism, which will facilitate its use on any type of fabric.
Technical specifications:
Collection: Fountain pen, Rollerball, Ball-point, Pencil
Material: Compound of resin and marble to imitate gemstones
Nib: Quill Nib 14 kts 585 iperflex
Closure: twist magnetic lock
Ring: engraved with calligraphers slang
Clip: activated quill in marine steel
Filling mechanism: converter / cartridge
Packaging: Pineider escritoire with matching paper and pen

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Corsani è una bottega storica dalle vetrine magnetiche, con una varietà di articoli capace di soddisfare esperti e novizi. L’amore e la competenza con cui viene gestita vi farà appassionare sempre più al mondo della scrittura
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Ho preso di recente un astuccio per una Montblanc, la cordialità delle persone all'interno dell'attività commerciale è sinonimo di professionalità e conoscenza del prodotto offerto alla clientela. Le vetrine sono ben organizzate e ricche di tentazioni. Sicuramente un punto di riferimento.
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Amazing store with a lot of pen brands and writing accessories. Probably the best place to buy pen in Rome. Lovely and helpful staff, very friendly and professional. Real and genuine prices.
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Excellent store to find exclusive writing instruments, pens, notebooks and inks. Many manufacturers and producer you can find here.
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