La Tradizionale Limited edition


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La Tradizionale Limited edition

A special role is played by the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale”: this ancient condiment is
already mentioned in the eighteenth-century documents of the House of Este, rulers of Ferrara,
Modena and Reggio. Since then, it has been produced only in these lands and has been able to
dialogue with all the other traditional and new dishes that reside here, accompanying them and
completing their flavours.
Behind this precious condiment lies a tradition made of skillful and precise practices transmitted
within the Modenese families and brought to life in their homes’ attics, true domestic vinegar
factories. Still today, the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” is produced by using only the white
grapes cultivated in the area. Their must is first boiled at a low temperature, slowly changing its
colour from yellow to dark brown. Fermentation then takes place inside sets of barrels made from
different woods – among which the oak – selected for their flavours and qualities, exactly as it
happens for the greatest wines. Over the years, the must evaporates and it is brought back to the
right level through a procedure called “rincalzo” where the liquid is poured from the larger barrel,
that collects the must from the latest harvest, to the smallest one. It is from the latter that, after an
ageing period of at least 12 years that can get to 25 for the “extra old” vinegar, only a small, precious
quantity is taken for consumption, preserving in this way the continuity of aromas and fragrances
for the future samples.A single drop of this famous “black gold” is able to release an intense and harmonious flavour.
This is because a single drop contains, within it, the trace of each harvest, the memory of the
embrace of different woods, preserving a skilful process, built over the centuries, where every
human gesture is both fundamental and meaningful. We have chosen a drop to embellish the
features of our new pen La TRADIZIONALE because it is writing that allows us to keep track of
knowledge and practices such as these, to secure them and pass them on.
We have therefore decided to dedicate SCRIBO’s latest creation, the Limited Edition LA TRADIZIONALE, to the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena, an icon of our territory, an expression of excellence of the culinary art of which Massimo Bottura, with his Osteria Francescana, is the best known and most representative exponent.
LA TRADIZIONALE is an authentic Made in Italy jewel: it is entirely made by hand from oak
wood, which has been skilfully crafted from the barrels where the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale”
of Modena aged for years. The different wood grains and colours on the 12 facets testify to the
uniqueness of every single piece, enriched by delicate and finely engraved Silver 925‰ details,
among which the cap ring, with the pantograph engraving “La Tradizionale”, and the clip, with its
“drop of vinegar”.
LA TRADIZIONALE is made of only 104 limited and numbered pieces. The first four numerations
represent our homage to Chef Massimo Bottura. In addition to the three “Michelin Stars” that
Osteria Francescana boasts since 2012, there is a fourth star, the Michelin Green Star, an award
given to chefs who promote a cuisine based on sustainability and low environmental impact.
The Limited Edition LA TRADIZIONALE is available with all SCRIBO nibs and is stored in a
wooden case containing both a 90 ml bottle of ink and a precious bottle of Gold Capsule extra-old
“Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena.
Our piston fountain pen and the “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale” of Modena together, for an
authentic expression of Made in Italy.
Numbered and Limited Edition composed by:
100 Piston filling fountain pens made in aged oak wood and 925‰ sterling silver
Product features:
Dodecagonal shape / Cap handmade in aged oak wood
Clip made in 925‰ sterling silver, with “drop of vinegar” applied with enamel
Top of the cap and ring made in 925‰ sterling silver “Feather” engraved by pantograph on the top of the cap
“LA TRADIZIONALE” engraved by pantograph on the ring cap
Barrel and knob handmade in aged oak wood
Ring of the barrel and section, engraved with the chef “Massimo Bottura” signature, made in 925‰
sterling silver
Numbering engraved on the bottom of the knob made in 925‰ sterling silver
Length: 154 mm. – maximum diameter: 20 mm. /Weight: 65 grams
Exclusive SCRIBO nib with “Feather” engraving made by pantograph 18 carats gold available nib sizes: Extra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medio, Broad, Stub e BBB
Flexible 14 carats gold available nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medio e Broad

Ebonite feeder ø 6,50 with 2 capillaries
Loading capacity: 1,42 ml
Collectible wooden case, made entirely by hand in Italy. It contains a pen clutch bag, a 90-ml. bottle of
balsamic vinegar-colored ink and a a precious 100 ml. bottle of Gold Capsule extra-old “Aceto Balsamico
Tradizionale” of Modena.


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