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Lamy Lx

This new model very closely resembles the Al-Star, but with a few subtle upgrades. It is made of anodized aluminum in four colors (gold, palladium, rose gold, and ruthenium), with the same contoured semi-transparent grip section as the Al-Star.The iconic Lamy metal clip is plated with the matching precious metal, which is a nice upgrade.The black steel nib appears to be similar to other Lamy nibs, but it does have some subtle design changes. The nib features a glossy black PVD-surface as well as a laser engraving similar to what you would see on jewelry. These design improvements make the nib more solid and long-lasting. Luckily, it will also be interchangeable with existing Lamy nibs and we will be offering extra-fine, fine, and medium nibs on the Lamy LX.
The LX comes with a matching aluminum case, also anodized to match the pen.


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