Lamy Safari Black ncode digital pen

Lamy’s legendary writing instrument is blended with Neo LAB’s ncode
digital writing technology.
Exterior specification
Without pen cap:
– Length: 137 mm
– Weight: 18.6 g
With pen cap:
– Length: 146 mm
– Weight: 26.45 g
LAMY safari meets 21st century technology
LAMY M 21 ballpoint pen refill: Equipped with an exchangeable LAMY M 21
ballpoint pen refill with black ink colour. LED Indicator: Where the viewing window of the LAMY safari fountain pen shows how much ink is left in the cartridge, the LAMY safari all black ncode displays its charging status. NCODE sensor (camera): Neo LAB’s optoelectronic sensor reads the ncode pattern printed on the paper of the LAMY digital paper notebook and recognises handwriting and pages.
MICRO USB connector: A full charge using a Micro USB cable permits 11 hours of non-stop writing.
Pick up & Write: Just like other writing instruments, all you need to do is pick up and write.
By touching the paper surface and applying pressure, the writing instrument switches on automatically and keeps all your notes not only on paper but also in its own memory.Power for the whole day
The writing system is designed to fit perfectly with your own lifestyle. A full battery permits 11 hours of non-stop writing and capturing notes and ideas without an extra power charge. Online Mode
In online mode, the smart pen is connected via Bluetooth to the Neo Studio app on a device. Everything written down is transmitted in real time and is visible on that device.Offline Mode
In offline mode, the smart pen is not connected. However, every word, sketch or drawing is stored in the pen itself, there is a digital copy of all your notes and ideas.Bridging the gap
The new LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analogue notebook and the unlimited world of digital writing. Combined with the matching LAMY digital paper notebook and the numerous
functions of the Neo Studio app on your technical devices, it’s easy to write on paper, to simultaneously digitise your handwritten material and then to edit it as you choose.
Neo Studio App: The Neo Studio App adds to note taking the fantastic potential of digital
processing, combining both worlds: the advantages of analogue writing on paper with all the possibilities of digital storage and processing.LAMY Theme
When you connect the writing instrument with a smart device and start writing, the background image of the Neo Studio App will be automatically changed to the LAMY Theme. Ultimate note taking With the LAMY safari all black ncode, the matching LAMY digital paper notebook and the numerous functions of the Neo Studio App, it’s easy to write on paper, to simultaneously digitise your handwritten material and then to edit it as you choose.Transcribe: Mixing handwriting and drawing can be the best way to capture your thoughts,
but sometimes working with handwriting just isn’t as easy as with typed text. Thanks to MyScript, a handwriting recognition program, Neo Studio offers the option to convert handwriting into printed text in 32 languages.Never lose or forget anything again
Neo Studio uses cloud synchronisation: written content is automatically synchronised across all devices on which the app is installed. So at any time and on different devices you can browse entries made in the last few days and weeks, or even years. Every stroke made on the page is saved – creating a complete digital copy of the notebook with all the options you could need for working on that text in future.Search
Neo Studio digitises handwritten notes, making it easy to search your material – including across different LAMY digital paper notebooks using individual coding, of course.One step closer to digital
When you’re focused on writing down your ideas, fiddling with keyboards and controlling the screen with your fingers can disrupt your creative flow. Here’s the solution where you don’t put your pen down but can control the digital device from the paper. There are icons in your paper notebook that allow you to share and
bookmark your page – or you can use the handy paper controller for some editing functions.Seeing is believing
Tiny patterns are printed on each page that are barely visible to the naked eye. These codes make it possible to determine the positions of the pen and contain the page information that makes each page unique.
Neo LAB’s proprietary ncode sensor reads the codes from the paper surface. The CPU performs the complex mathematical calculations to determine the position of the writing device on the page.
The pen alone package comes with all the necessary items to use
LAMY digital paper.
What’s in the box:
– LAMY safari all black ncode smart pen x 1
(equipped with LAMY M 21 ballpoint refill black)
– USB power cable x 1
LAMY digital paper notebook x 1
(including paper-controller; shrink-wrapped)

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A fantastic choice of fountain pens and even more fantastic customer service! I ordered a beautiful Montegrappa fountain pen and was met by Stefano's fantastic, professional and respectful customer service. Stefano made sure I was informed about their annual leave and when he'd be able to ship my fountain pen (even though he was probably on leave himself!), which made me value the service even more. The pen arrived on the day when I was told it would, very well packed, with a gratis ink bottle and a pen pouch to match my lavander fountain pen. I even got a hand written note from Stefano, which is just amazing, there's not much more you can do to show personal appreciation of a customer- see the photo. I will shop from the Corsani shop again for sure, given the great choice of fountain pens they have and knowing I'm safe in their hands as a customer. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who wants top products and top customer service!
Nicolò Gallo Curcio
Nicolò Gallo Curcio
Corsani è una bottega storica dalle vetrine magnetiche, con una varietà di articoli capace di soddisfare esperti e novizi. L’amore e la competenza con cui viene gestita vi farà appassionare sempre più al mondo della scrittura
Giovan Giuseppe Festa
Giovan Giuseppe Festa
Ho preso di recente un astuccio per una Montblanc, la cordialità delle persone all'interno dell'attività commerciale è sinonimo di professionalità e conoscenza del prodotto offerto alla clientela. Le vetrine sono ben organizzate e ricche di tentazioni. Sicuramente un punto di riferimento.
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Kosta Dupcinov
Amazing store with a lot of pen brands and writing accessories. Probably the best place to buy pen in Rome. Lovely and helpful staff, very friendly and professional. Real and genuine prices.
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Ricardo Lammert
Excellent store to find exclusive writing instruments, pens, notebooks and inks. Many manufacturers and producer you can find here.
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Daniel Ortiz
Professional, kind, and helpful staff. I would recommend going here if you are a beginner like me, and also a more serious enthusiast. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in stationary and of course they also have a good selection of mechanical watches as well. Give them a try!
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Ha risolto immediatamente il mio problema alla penna stilografica
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Roberto Diodati
Kindest, most competent, passionate owner. Open for any questions, helpful, great assortment! My favorite fountain pen shop.
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