Limited edition HERZSTÜCK 1929


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Limited edition HERZSTÜCK 1929

IN A SHIMMERING climate of awakening, the engineer Theodor Kovács develops a ground-brea¬king fountain pen with a differential piston mecha¬nism that resolves the disadvantages of the writing implements that existed at the time. Pelikan’s owner Fritz Beindorff recognizes the significance of the invention, and purchases the patent in 1927. Patent registration follows in Germany in 1928, and just one year later the first Pelikan fountain pen with paten¬ted piston mechanism goes into series production.
THE SMALL TURN with the revolutionary impact: The innovative technology with two differing thread leads inside the fountain pen ensures that the shaft turns faster than the grip of the pen. The writing implement can hold a high volume of ink, can be filled more easily and produces no ink blots. The advantages over tube fountain-pens that dominated the market previously make it easier for travelers to use the pen.
WITH MUCH LOVE OF DETAIL, the “Herzstück* 1929” pays tribute to the original from the 1920s: The trans-parent window, the curved Pelikan beak-like clip, the cap with the historic Pelikan logo, and the form and detail of the grip are reminiscent of the revolutionary Pelikan fountain pen.
* Herzstück = core, centerpiece, most important part. The word also has great emotional significance.
THE HIGHLIGHT of the Commemorative device is the large viewing window that spans the length of the barrel of the pen. It’s a fascinating design that not only offers a view of the level of ink – as was the case initially with the historic Pelikan fountain pen – but also of the piston itself. Thus, as the ink is drawn into the pen, it’s possible to see the way the piston mechanism works. The piston is gold-plated and marked with the historic patent number.
KEPT ENTIRELY IN BLACK AND GOLD, the pen appears particu- larly exclusive. And the same can be said of its materials: Gilded brass and the 18-carat-gold nib ensure that the “Herzstück 1929” shines. The black high-grade resin – the so-called platinum of plastics – is polished with natural diamonds and exerts a self-polishing effect with use. Extreme gloss and the utmost surface hardness characterize the material.
THE CLASSIC PELIKAN beak-like clip has become Pelikan’s signature feature. One particular highlight of the commemorative pen is the curved beak clip with its delicate embellishments. The cap head made of gilded brass bears the historic Pelikan logo, with the original four chicks in the nest. The lower rim is adorned with “Pelikan Herzstück 1929”.
IN HONOUR OF THE ORIGINAL, the limited edition is based on the historic patent number, for which the last three figures were 462. The complete patent number is engraved on the gilded piston, while the individual edition number – here number 008 – of the total of 462 pieces worldwide adorns the grip ring of each pen. It is proof of the uniqueness of these rare beauties.
THE HIGH-QUALITY black presentation box boasts a special trick: When it’s opened, the platform is eleva-ted by two bands that form part of a special lifting process. The exquisite „Herzstück 1929“ is thus presen-ted from the very best angle. Along with it is a flask of Royal Blue Pelikan Ink 4001® bearing a special label. The mechanical functioning is representative of the carefully considered presentation.


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