Momento Magico Corsani Oronero Special Edition Marc Bacas Custom Nibs

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Architect B, Architect Hybrid B, Architect Hybrid M, Architect M, CSI B Cursive Italic, CSI M Cursive Italic, EEF extra extra fine, Predator Extreme


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Momento Magico Corsani Oronero Special Edition Marc Bacas Custom Nibs

On the occasion of the worldwide release of the new Leonardo “Momento Magico” collection, we are proud to present our exclusive version created for us by the master craftsmen of the well-known Neapolitan house.
“Momento Magico Oronero” is the new Corsani Special Edition collection. This new additional exclusive version is equipped with a series of steel nibs in special sizes created by the famous American nib master Marc Bacas – the nibgrinder! The fountain pen is made in a beautiful resin with gold shades with piston filling system highlighted by the transparent resin window. The pen is available with rhodium-plated finishes.The customized measures are as follows: XXF (Extra extra fine), Architect medium, architect broad, architect Hybrid B, architect Hybrid M, Italic M, Italic B, Predator Extreme.
These nibs are realized through a patient, careful grinding of the iridium tip.They allow you to obtain an extraordinary variety of styles but above all to give a unique character to your handwriting. Unlike the standard version, we have highlighted the quality of these nibs through the ebonite feeder which guarantees a more generous and constant flow. I refer to our videos and photos for the main characteristics of each size. This is the link to Mark Bacas’s page:
After a long wait and a lot of experimentation, the new fountain pen with piston filling system designed and produced in the Leonardo workshops with a 1.5 ml load capacity enters the market.
The pen body has a transparent window in which it is possible to detect the ink level, the length of the window is 10mm so it allows you to see the inside of the tank very well.
Another element that characterizes the Magic Moment is the possibility of completely disassembling the pen body, tail with piston and feeder.
All this is possible using the “key” (sold separately), a tool made of 316L steel (the same steel used in the field of high-end watchmaking) a very rigid and resistant material, machined with special tools and carved from solid.
The cap is characterized by the central perforated band with a detail of the decorations belonging to the period known in the history of art as “Geometric art” and therefore means the production of decorations of the Greek civilization between 900 and 700 BC, which takes its name from the term traditionally used for ceramics, production of the same period.
Available just after June 15, 2021


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