Namiki Yukari Ginkgo limited edition 2022


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Namiki Yukari Ginkgo limited edition 2022

Very popular in Japan, the majestic fan-shaped leaf of Ginkgo is adorned with the colour of gold during the fall period. Since antiquity, it remains a privileged source of inspiration for artists in Asia and the world. Considered a symbol of peace, hope and vitality, it also evokes love and duality. Indeed, each leaf is composed of two distinct lobes, the Yin and the Yang, the feminine part and the masculine part of the original tree. The latter, able to live more than 1 000 years, to resist the flames and time, is often found near Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.
This fountain pen, signed by the artisans of the Kokkokai group, was made of Togidashi maki-e with additions of silver powder, Ginkgo leaves in Hira maki-e and their veins using the delicate kakiwari technique of applying gold powder without lacquer. Equipped with an 18K gold nib with the effigy of Mount Fuji, we hope that this limited edition with a new motif will bring luck and happiness to its owners, line after line, in 2022. Limited to only 300 pieces!!
We have only one available with medium nib, number 125!


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