Omas 90th anniversary set


Omas 90th anniversary celluloid set.


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Omas 90th anniversary set

After 90 years of history, Omas, the famous Italian pen company from Bologna celebrates its anniversary with a precious set of their finest collection : the celluloid Paragon Vintage designed long ago by the founder Armando Simoni! Entirely hand made by the expert Omas craftmen the 3 piston filling fountain pens are made in 3 celluloid colours: green saft, scarlet red and cigar brown. Each one fits its own nib (18kt extra fine for the green,18kt fine for the red and 14kt extra flexible Medium for the brown). The solid gold nibs bear a personalized logo of the 90th anniversary and the pens are decorated with 9 rings that represent the 9 decades. The set is limited to 90 pieces divided in 45 with golden plated trims and 45 high tech rhodium. Pay attention, just one set left with HT trims !

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