Piuma Senso, Fusione and Sinestesia

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Piuma Senso, Fusione and Sinestesia

Contrary to the word “anaesthesia”, which means ‘loss of sensation’, the term “synesthesia” comes from the Greek sýn, meaning ‘join’, and aisthánomai, meaning ‘I feel’, referring to the idea of ‘feeling together’.
To the shapes and colours of the paintings, able to turn into musical notes, and to the written word, capable of creating dense and sensorial images, we dedicate the colours of our new Senso, Fusione and Sinestesia
fountain pens of the PIUMA collection.
Their lively, fluctuating colours are embellished with silver intrusion and are created with Diamond Cast,
a patented material made with Alumilite and a combination of real diamond and various pigments.
Handmade in Diamond Cast, 70 available pieces per color with platinum trim and converter/cartridge filling system.
Product features:
Oval shape with two facets
Senso – variegated blue
Fusione – variegated blue and burgundy
Sinestesia – variegated green, blu and yellow
Cap, barrel and nib-holder handmade in Diamond Cast
Clip and metal components with platinum trim
Length: 144,5 mm. – maximum diameter: 15,60 mm. – weight: 30 grams
Exclusive SCRIBO nib made in 18kt gold or in Flexible 14kt gold
Available sizes for 18kt nib: Extra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
Available sizes for 14kt Flex nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad
Ebonite feeder ø 6,50
Cartridge/converter ink filling system
Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton
Limited production of 70 pieces per colour.
Available not before the end of October 2022

 580.00 640.00

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