ProfessionalGear 2021-21kt Blue Dawn Limited Edition

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ProfessionalGear 2021-21kt Blue Dawn Limited Edition

PG 21K “Blue Dawn” Limited Edition

A special Limited edition collection celebrating the unique Sailor 21 K solid gold nib during the 110th Anniversary of the Company in 2021 itself. The rich dark blue colour chosen for this collection is the official Sailor Corporate Colour “Blue Dawn” further embellished with a metashine material .You will also note the new logo shown on the cap emblem of these products.
The 21 karat solid hold nib is the result of the Sailor original technology and craftsmanship. The 21 karat gold nib is more flexible and resilient than the 14 karat or 18 karat gold nibs used in most fountain pens. The nib will be much less likely to skip ot fail, even under heavy writing pressure. The nib will glide smoothly across the surface of the paper, providing a constant and stably supply of ink for a comfortable writing experience. The readers of Pen World a North American luxury writing instruments magazine voted Sailor fountain pen’s nibs (21 karat and 14 karat gold) as “Best writing Experience”. Since our founding, the deep routed commitment within us has helped to focus on even the finest details of the technology and brings out the true beauty of our product. The PG version is limited to 1500 pieces while the KOP (King of Pen) to only 500.
Nib sizes available are only the broad nib for the Kop and the medium for the PG

 398.00 1,048.00


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