Sailor 110th anniversary Premium edition

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Sailor 110th anniversary Premium edition

The 110th anniversary fountain pen is a limited edition commemorative fountain pen that symbolizes the future of Sailor Fountain pen with its individuality and strong presence. It comes in three different styles, all of which are based on the three cornerstones of the company: Authenticity, Technology and Design. The only 21kt in the world which is synonimous with Sailor was made possible by the fountain pen manifacturing techniques cultivated since the foundation of the company and the passion for creating genuuine products.
PREMIUM EDITION: the 21kt gold barrell is linked to the image of Sailor’s original 21kt solid gold nib, which is backedthe technology and strong commitment to writing quality that we have cultivated over the years.
The matte finish which suppresses the luster and gives the material its genuine beauty and relaxed appereance, feels comfortable in the palm of your hand and well balanced design provides excitement for a more natural flow.Both the flexible and resilient 21kt gold nib and the 21kt gold barrell are inseparable materials for fountain pens, and both promise the best writing experience as a genuine instrument, not just a luxurious material.
The 21kt gold nib is the result of Sailor long established experience. The flexible nib is more resilient and does not run out of ink even under heavy pressure ensuiring a stable writing experience. The comfortable feel also known as feather touch, which glides across the paper as it bends, is a masterpiece that gives off the origbnal feeling of a fountain pen. The nib of this limited edition is engraved with the Sailor symbolic anchor and the 110th anniversary memorial in the center. It is a bicolor nib and it is available in four widths: F, MF, M and B. Limited to only 110 pieces worldwide.


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