Sailor 1911 Urushi REI series Wajima Akebononuri

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Sailor 1911 Urushi REI series Wajima Akebononuri

The urushi lacquer finish is a typical Japanese traditional decorative technique. ailor has used the popular 1911 collection body to create a special edition in the Rei Urushi-nuri series which are a favourite for many pen lovers. The Akebono gradation technique on this pens is a speciality of the artist Masanora Sumi, who has over fourty years experience as a master craftsman in the traditional center of Wajima. Each pen is individually hand-finished by the artist, and no two pens will ever be exactly alike.
The pen has an 21 karat gold nib. The pens in the Rei Urushi-nuri series are cartridge-converter system – the provided converter allows the use of any bottled fountain pen ink, and the pens can also be filled using easy-to-use Sailor brand ink cartridges. Each pen comes in a special presentation box that includes a fabric pen pouch.
Sailor Pen is dedicated to producing the most elegant and desirable Writing Instruments obtainable. Since 1911 Sailor Pen maintains the long heritage of quality and technical excellence and perfection.
The pens and nibs are made exclusively in Sailor´s own factory in Hiroshima Japan using the best quality materials available. Sailor pens are regarded to many as the best writing instruments available in the world.


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