Scribo La Dotta Piella & Moline

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Scribo La Dotta Piella & Moline

Scribo La Dotta

Imagine a small medieval town brimming with students coming from all over Europe. They came to listen to the most enlightening minds of the time talking about brand new theories and ideas. Imagine copies and copies of manuscripts copied countless times and then eagerly exchanged. Imagine the profile of this city changing,
becoming more and more vibrant and full of experiences and people. This city is BOLOGNA!
Thanks to those illuminated minds and to the expert hands that copied the texts that made them flourish, Bologna became the place where the first university in the Western world was born.
Since then, the city will be called “La Dotta” (the Learned), a center of cultural excellence that still attracts students from all over the world who continue, generation after generation, to live the city and to bring it to life.
For this reason, for centuries, Bologna has been an open and welcoming place. A place that goes through you with its illustrious history and that, at the same time, allows itself to be easily traversed.
Its famous porticoes are a symbol of this characteristic: they are passages that protect your way through the city, leading you to its significant spots. Scribo has chosen two of them to pay homage to Bologna “La Dotta” its historical and cultural prominence – in our own way, carrying on with our productions its ancient tradition of handwriting.
Similarly to the city that inspired it, the collection LA DOTTA is characterised by a sinuous, rounded appearance: the facets, a distinctive feature of the Feel collection, leave space to a smooth surface and to the emphasis on the cap and the barrel; a well balanced design that guarantees the same high quality
writing experience. While walking under the porticoes of Bologna, you can come across a small window able to induce, to whoever opens it, a sense of wonder.The “finestrella” is placed at via Piella, one of the many busy little streets of the city centre. Once opened, it reveals the Moline canal: a watercourse, mostly
hidden underground, which becomes visible in that area of the city flowing among the balconies of the houses.
By looking from that small window you see the typical red of the Bolognese buildings interfacing not only with the blue of the sky but with another, unexpected, type of blue coming from the light dancing on the water. You observe Bologna reflecting on a canal that you would have never imagined finding there and you start to wonder about the beauty of the unforeseen. It is to the ability to wonder that
Scribo dedicates his new two fountain pens from LA DOTTA collection:
Piella, with its mosaic blue, and Moline, with a mother of pearl
light blue.
The collection is limited to 219 pieces per color featuring the iconic Scribo 18 or 14 carats solid gold nib and a piston filling system.You will find the technical details in one of the pictures of the gallery.
Available for the end of April

 650.00 770.00

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