Scribo Piuma Levante e Impressione

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Scribo Piuma Levante e Impressione

Levante and Impressione
Rapid brush strokes capturing the instant in which the warm sunlight reflects on the water; agile pen
movements anchoring on the paper; thoughts lingering on ideas and sensations volatile as well as meaningful,
these are Levante and Impressione.
Levante and Impressione, the new colours of the Scribo PIUMA collection, remind us of the beautiful orange
sunlight reflecting on the rippled water of Le Havre harbour, captured at dawn by Claude Monet on
a morning in 1872. This masterpiece, entitled “Impression, Soleil Levant” became the manifesto of Impressionism, an art movement able to ensure the changing qualities of a visual scene through the use of quick brush strokes on the canvas, in this way transforming and elevating the momentary into immortal artwork.
Scribo took inspiration from this suggestive painting and its vibrant colours to represent the agile and quick handwriting style embodied by their collection. A writing style able to ensure fleeting – perhaps unfinished – thoughts on the paper through the smooth, rapid succession of ink lines that, exactly like the paint skilfully applied by the Impressionists, are able to seize the creativity and spontaneity of the moment. The collection Piuma is sober , elegant with a clean design. The filling system is cartridge converter, ebonite feeder and of course the well known and appreciated Scribo solid gold nib.
It is available in both 18kt and 14kt.
We kindly invite our dear customers to specify in the order notes the choice of 14kt or 18kt. We remind you that EEF and stub are only 18kt, thanks

Collection available for the end of September 2021

 560.00 680.00

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